classes age classification
walker's world 18 months - 2 years old toddler a
discoverer's world 2 - 3 years old toddler b
explorer's world 3 - 4 years old nursery
learner's world 4 - 5 years old kindergarten 1
achiever's world 5 - 6 years old kindergarten 2


This is a period of rapid development. They are increasingly active and curious, explores the environment further. In this world, they will sing songs, create rhythms, listen to stories, make friends, exercise practical life, coloring and painting as basis for further exploration. They will enjoy observing, exploring, imaging and discovering.


In this world, children are introduced to the next level of Montessori to become a sensorial learner. The program cultivates four major areas that help prepare the child for life : Concentration, Order, Primary Motor and Coordination.


Through the use of unique Montessori materials & method, children learn by associating abstract concepts with a myriad of sensorial experiences. Hands and eyes work together, doing and manipulating, rather than simply observing, children begin to develop concentration, attention to details and self discipline while working towards completion of tasks.


To provide your children with experience in making choices, solving problems, initiating social activities, collaborating and acquiring the skills & knowledge for Reading, Writing & Speaking in various languages; Science, Geography and Mathematics. This is a period to experiment, discover, discuss, listen, question, observe and grow.